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Precautions when using square hole agricultural machinery bearings

seo:   date:2024/3/1 9:38:00

When using square hole agricultural machinery bearings, the following precautions should be taken:

1. Adding lubricating oil: For bearings, lubricating oil is a crucial protection. Before use, lubricating oil should be added according to the equipment manufacturer's manual, using clean lubricating oil to avoid excessive mixing and filling of grease.

2. Maintenance and repair: After running for a period of time, bearings may experience initial and late stage problems, mainly manifested as oscillation and increased noise. To extend the service life of bearings and reduce wear, attention should be paid to maintenance and upkeep, regular cleaning and inspection of bearings, and timely replacement of worn parts.

3. Vibration noise: Vibration noise is a common problem during the operation of bearings. Choosing appropriate lubricating grease, appropriate bearing clearance, and correct installation and operation methods can effectively reduce vibration noise.

4. High temperature operation: When the bearing operates in a high temperature environment, attention should be paid to its lubrication and friction issues. Insufficient lubrication can lead to increased wear and temperature rise, while excessive lubrication can generate excessive heat, causing chemical deterioration of the lubricating oil.

5. Regular replacement: Square hole agricultural machinery bearings are a commonly used mechanical component, but they may experience wear and fatigue during use, so they need to be replaced regularly according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, the interval between serious bearing failures does not exceed one week.

6. Correct operation: It is very important to install and operate bearings correctly, and a suitable lubrication system and high-quality lubricant should be selected.

7. Stability and accuracy: Square hole agricultural machinery bearings can withstand axial and radial loads, prevent axial and radial displacement, and guide the rotation of agricultural machinery, ensuring greater stability and accuracy during operation. Therefore, in use, it is necessary to ensure that the installation position, radial clearance, tightness between the bearing and the shaft shoulder, and bearing noise of the bearing all meet the requirements.

Precautions when using square hole agricultural machinery bearings