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Four corner agricultural machinery bearing

Four corner agricultural machinery bearing


date:2022/11/14 10:47:43

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Clean and clean the bearings of agricultural machinery before installation. During the installation of non-standard agricultural machinery bearings, the auxiliary bearing seat shall be pressed vertically and evenly, and hammering is not allowed. In particular, direct impact on agricultural machinery bearings is prohibited. When the support of agricultural machinery and the support hole are loose, the support shall be repaired or disassembled. It is not necessary to make up the application by punching black spots or padding copper sheets on the mating surface of agricultural machinery support. When disassembling the bearing of agricultural machinery, appropriate traction device shall be used to pull out the bearing of agricultural machinery. Woodworking chisels, hammers and other tools shall not be used for hammering

It is not suitable to add a variety of lubricating grease to agricultural machinery bearings

We know that lubricating grease has good adhesion, wear resistance, heat resistance, non-standard agricultural machinery bearing rust prevention treatment and wettability, which can improve the high temperature oxidation resistance of agricultural machinery bearings, slow embrittlement, can melt carbon, avoid metal debris and oil pollution agglomeration, and improve the wear resistance, compression resistance and corrosion resistance of mechanical equipment

After understanding the whole exercise process of lubricating grease in agricultural machinery bearings, of course, we will get a result: the lubricating grease in agricultural machinery bearings is not suitable for too much. Too much lubricating grease is not only consumed, but also affected. The higher the rotational speed ratio of agricultural machinery bearings, the greater the adverse effects

The more grease you add, the greater the friction distance. Under the same load, the friction torque of closed agricultural machinery bearing exceeds that of open agricultural machinery bearing. When the filling amount of grease is equal to 60% of the space capacity of the bearing cavity of agricultural machinery, the friction torque does not increase significantly. This is because most of the grease in the bearings of open agricultural machinery has been squeezed, and the grease in the bearings of closed agricultural machinery has lost circulation

The parallel line temperature of the agricultural machinery bearing increases with the increase of the amount of grease added. Under the same packing condition, the closed agricultural machinery bearing has higher temperature than the open agricultural machinery bearing

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