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Hub bearing

Hub bearing


date:2022/11/14 10:47:57

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Function of wheel hub bearing:

1. Wheel hub bearing is an important automobile part. Its main function is to carry the weight of the wheel and accurately guide the rotation of the wheel. It not only bears axial load, but also bears radial load

2. The wheel hub bearing unit is developed on the basis of standard angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. It integrates two sets of bearings, has good assembly performance, can eliminate clearance adjustment, is light in weight, compact in structure, and has large bearing capacity

3. For sealed bearings, grease can be pre applied, saving the advantages of outer hub seal and maintenance free. It has been widely used in automobiles, and there is a trend to gradually expand its application in heavy vehicles

Bearing is a key component in modern machines. Its role is to support the rotating mechanism, reduce the friction coefficient during rotation, and ensure the accuracy of rotation

The main function of the hub bearing is to carry the load and rotate it accurately. Only one wheel can fix the wheel