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Wheel bearing

Wheel bearing


date:2022/11/14 10:47:52

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The wheel hub bearing is an important component in the vehicle, which plays a role in reducing the friction when the vehicle is running and ensuring the safety of the vehicle. Once the wheel hub bearing fails, it will cause problems such as noise and bearing heating, especially the front wheel, which is very easy to cause accidents such as car out of control. Therefore, the hub bearing should be maintained regularly

(1) When checking the tightness of the wheel hub bearing, first set up the axle of the wheel at one end of the wheel hub to be tested, and use the vehicle stool, wood cover and other tools to safely frame the vehicle

(2) Turn the inspected wheel several times by hand to see if it rotates smoothly and if there is abnormal noise. If the rotation is not smooth and there is friction sound, the braking part is abnormal; If there is no noise, and the rotation is not smooth and loose, it indicates that the bearing is abnormal. In case of the above abnormalities, the hub shall be disassembled and inspected. For small cars, when checking the wheel hub bearing, hold the upper and lower sides of the tire with both hands, pull the tire back and forth with both hands, and repeat for many times. If normal, there should be no feeling of looseness and block; If there is an obvious feeling of looseness when swinging, the hub should be disassembled and inspected

(3) Inspection of brake. Generally, when checking the wheel hub bearing, the brake system of the car will be checked. If there is oil stain found inside, it is likely that it is caused by the leakage of the brake wheel cylinder or the brake oil pipe. The cause should be immediately found out and eliminated