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Automobile ball cage bearing

Automobile ball cage bearing


date:2022/11/14 10:48:06

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If the car cage is broken, it cannot be opened again. If you drive it again, it may cause the bearing to fall off, making the steering wheel stuck and unable to rotate, which is very dangerous and easy to cause an accident
What is an automobile ball cage. Automobile ball cage is divided into inner ball cage and outer ball cage. The inner cage refers to the components connecting the gearbox differential. The outer cage is connected to the wheel. The outer cage plays the role of power take-off and vehicle steering. However, both inner and outer cages are indispensable. If a component fails, a serious accident will occur
The car cage is damaged
The dust cover will leak oil, and abnormal noise and blockage will occur during use. In case of the above conditions, replace it immediately. In addition, pay attention to observe whether there are cracks, aging and other phenomena in the carriage during daily work. In case of damage or aging, the dust cover of the cage shall be replaced immediately to prevent dust from invading the tank and causing serious harm. Therefore, when the cage is replaced daily, the tightness of the dust cover must be carefully checked to prevent dust, debris and water from seeping into the cage. Once it happens, it will cause a series of major accidents