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Precautions for using automotive ball cage bearings

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The precautions for using automotive ball cage bearings include:

1. Observe appearance: Before installation, inspect the appearance of the ball cage bearings to ensure that there is no obvious wear, deformation, or damage.

2. Pay attention to cleanliness: During the installation process, it is necessary to keep the ball cage bearings and installation parts clean to avoid mixing impurities or dirt that may affect normal use.

3. Use appropriate grease: Use appropriate grease according to regulations, and maintain it in a timely manner according to usage time and environmental conditions to ensure the lubrication effect of the ball cage bearings.

4. Avoid excessive use: The service life of ball cage bearings is limited, and excessive use may lead to premature wear or damage. Therefore, excessive use should be avoided during use, such as prolonged high-speed driving, frequent sudden braking, etc.

5. Regular inspection: Regularly inspect the condition of the ball cage bearings. If any abnormal wear, abnormal noise, etc. are found, they should be replaced or repaired in a timely manner.

6. Correct installation: When installing the ball cage bearings, special tools and correct installation methods need to be used to ensure proper installation and avoid damage caused by improper installation.

7. Avoid oversteer: When turning, avoid oversteer to prevent the ball cage bearings from bearing excessive torque, which can cause premature wear or damage.

8. Avoid wading: When driving in water, the ball cage bearings should be avoided from coming into contact with water to prevent rusting or damage.

9. Regular replacement: According to the usage time and environmental conditions, replace the ball cage bearings regularly to ensure their normal operation and extend their service life.

Precautions for using automotive ball cage bearings

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