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Maintenance methods and precautions for non-standard bearings of agricultural machinery

seo:   date:2024/5/7 17:00:00

The maintenance methods for non-standard bearings of agricultural machinery are as follows:

1. Adding lubricating oil to bearings: For automatic self-aligning bearings that require lubricating oil to be added and sealed at both ends, it is necessary to add lubricating oil from the small hole of the sealing cover after the end of the operating season. For bearings with worn steel balls and grooves, even if the clearance is too large, it is necessary to replace severely worn steel balls in a timely manner.

2. Replace bearings: When the steel balls and grooves of the bearings are severely worn, resulting in excessive clearance or axial and radial shaking, the bearings should be replaced in a timely manner. It should be noted that the outer sleeve of the bearing should not be tapped, but the inner ring of the bearing should be lightly tapped.

3. Bearing cleaning: Prolonged use of bearings can form a "dirt community" that affects their rotation. Proper cleaning of bearings requires recording the appearance, checking for lubricant residue, selecting appropriate cleaning agents, and drying with filtered dry compressed air or a dryer after cleaning.

4. Choose suitable bearings: There are various types of non-standard bearings for agricultural machinery, such as British non-standard bearings and non-standard bearings for special equipment. When selecting bearings, it is necessary to choose the appropriate one based on the actual situation.

5. Bearing installation: When installing bearings, it is important to be careful and use appropriate and accurate installation tools to keep the bearings and their surrounding environment clean and prevent rusting.

6. Bearing maintenance records: When maintaining bearings, it is necessary to record information such as the appearance of the bearings, lubricant residue, and selection of cleaning agents for reference in subsequent maintenance.

7. Precautions for using bearings: When using bearings, they should be kept clean, avoid strong installation, use appropriate tools, and prevent rust. Meanwhile, special operating conditions can extend the lifespan of bearings.

Maintenance methods and precautions for non-standard bearings of agricultural machinery