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Attention to Maintenance of Automobile Hub Bearing

seo:   date:2022/10/27 9:02:00

In the practical application of automobile wheel hub bearings, their bearing capacity, rotation accuracy and wear resistance change due to their own quality and external environment. When the performance index of the bearing cannot meet the use requirements, it will fail. If the bearing can be effectively disassembled, lubricated, and prevented from pollution, the employee shall be trained to conduct online inspection and timely solve the problem. The installation and maintenance of bearings are very strict, and the quality will directly affect the accuracy, service life and service life of bearings

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Therefore, special bearings must be used during installation and removal to simplify the installation process and avoid damage to bearings and connecting shafts, bearings and seals. Bearing installation shall be applicable to all bearing specifications and models. For example, mechanical tools such as buffer rings are usually used. The miniature bearing can be installed by gasket, dryer or induction furnace. The heating causes the bearing inner race to increase and place it on the shaft. With the cooling of the bearing and the shrinkage of the inner race, there is a close interaction between the bearing and the shaft. This is a method of installing bearings - heating combination. This method is suitable for the installation of large tension bearing

Properly lubricate and extend bearing life. It is also important to use proper pure oil or lubricating oil to maintain bearing lubrication. Different lubrication methods shall be adopted according to speed and load. The lubricating properties include brightness, oil film forming ability and lubricating consistency. The selection criteria of lubricating oil include the scope of equipment, speed, environment and other working conditions. Bearings used at normal speeds and temperatures should normally be used for lubrication. For higher speed or bearing requiring heat dissipation, the circulating system shall be used to continuously supply essential oil. The lubricant has good adhesion and can prevent pollution and moisture

The interval between changing oil and lubricating oil depends on the operating temperature and other environmental factors. Contaminants such as water or chemicals can corrode bearing surfaces or damage lubricating oil. The seal can effectively prevent pollutants from entering the bearing and prolong the service life of the bearing. Friction contact and non friction clearance or sealing labyrinth are two main forms. If a certain sealing effect is very small, the combination of these two forms will usually improve the sealing quality. Cleaning is the key for bearings. The bearing must work without contamination. Dust, cutting dust and other solid particles, abrasive particles and soft particles such as fiber chips, dandruff and plastic are

Attention to Maintenance of Automobile Hub Bearing