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How to judge the quality of automobile wheel hub bearing

seo:   date:2022/10/28 9:20:00

In the mechanical industry, bearing is a widely used and demanding part, which is called mechanical joint. Because of the wide range of applications, bearing products are various and complex. Because of strict requirements, it plays a vital role in the quality and performance of bearings. Bearing has become increasingly prominent in various places. The wheel hub bearing is used in the automobile. Without it, the bearing machine cannot run. Therefore, the selection of appropriate bearings is the premise to ensure the operation of the machine

1. Visually look at the bearing. You can first see its finish (or roughness). If the quality is good, you can easily see it. Further, you can hold the bearing in your hand and turn it vigorously to see whether it rotates smoothly and naturally without noise

2. Clearance measurement

The bearing wear is judged by measuring the radial and axial clearance of the bearing. Check whether the clearance between the wheel hub bearings is appropriate. If the workmanship cannot be reached, then the quality can be imagined

3. Idling test inspection

How to judge the quality of automobile wheel hub bearing