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Installation method of first generation car wheel hub bearings

seo:   date:2024/6/11 11:55:00

The installation method of the first generation car wheel hub bearings mainly includes the following steps and precautions:

Preparation work:

Ensure that all tools and equipment are complete and in good condition.

If there are no special tools available, you can use the newly removed waste bearings as substitutes.

Pre set the initial bearing clearance to ensure that the preload load is within the specified range after installation.

Dismantling old bearings:

Use an adapter press to press out the inner ring and remove the locating snap ring.

Slowly press out the outer ring and inspect the seat hole to ensure it is clean and undamaged.

Cleaning and lubrication:

Before installing a new bearing, clean the bearing seat hole on the steering joint to ensure that there are no impurities or dirt.

Fully lubricate the bearing seat hole to facilitate the installation of new bearings.

Install new bearings:

Place the new bearing into the bearing seat hole and press it onto the end face of the outer ring using an appropriate press.

Slowly press the bearing into the seat hole and ensure that the inner ring of the bearing is evenly stressed to avoid damaging the bearing.

Install the flange and slowly press the bearing to the limit position.


Under no circumstances should the bearing be struck to avoid damage to the bearing or seat hole.

Strictly follow the vehicle maintenance manual to tighten the half shaft bolts, ensuring moderate tightening force and avoiding over tightening or loosening.

Ensure that the bearing seat is clean and fully lubricated during pressing, and do not forget the snap ring to avoid serious maintenance accidents.

Maintenance personnel should always pay attention to the condition of the bearings and the operation of the press to avoid deviation and abnormal resistance.

Complete inspection:

After installation, perform a rotation check on the bearings to ensure they can rotate freely and have no abnormal noise.

Check if all fasteners are secure to ensure installation quality.

By following the above steps and precautions, it is possible to ensure the correct installation and reliable operation of the first generation car wheel hub bearings.

Installation method of first generation car wheel hub bearings