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Fault manifestations of automotive wheel hub bearings

seo:   date:2024/1/23 13:44:00

The main manifestations of automotive wheel hub bearing failures are as follows:

1. Noise: When the car is driving, the wheel hub bearings will produce noise, and there will be continuous noise during the driving process, which may be rumbling noise and vibration. It may be caused by internal wear of the wheel hub bearings, metal fatigue, lack of lubricating oil, or it may be due to excessive wear or damage of the bearings.

2. Shaking: During the driving process of a car, the wheel hub bearings may experience significant shaking, such as varying degrees of shaking on flat roads or more severe vibrations on rough roads. This may be caused by internal defects in the bearing or excessive clearance between the outer and inner rings.

3. Misalignment: When there is damage inside the bearing, such as wear on the retainer or steel ball, it can lead to misalignment of the wheel alignment, which may cause problems such as unstable wheels and severe tire wear.

4. High temperature: When there are internal wear or metal fatigue issues with the hub bearings, the bearings will generate a large amount of heat, resulting in high temperature. When the temperature of the wheels rises abnormally, it may indicate that the bearings have malfunctioned.

If the above problems are found, the vehicle should be stopped for inspection and troubleshooting as soon as possible, such as replacing damaged bearings, adjusting wheel alignment, etc. Avoid more serious safety hazards during driving.

Fault manifestations of automotive wheel hub bearings

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