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Type of hub bearing

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Hub bearings (hub components) have also been developed. Although different manufacturers have different forms of expression, the wheel hub bearings widely used in automobile chassis can be divided into three categories.

At present, the structure of the wheel hub bearing used in automobiles is that the wheel hub shaft is mounted on the wheel hub bearing. It is easy to understand when you actually check the car, so if you plan to repair the car in the near future, you'd better ask for one time.

When and when to replace the hub bearing?

There is no specific time to replace the hub bearing according to mileage and years. Even if there is, it is difficult to draw a conclusion, because it depends on the model of the car.

It is better to replace it before it is damaged. In this regard, it is better to replace it when you feel that the hub bearing is worn.

How to identify wheel hub bearing wear

There are two main ways to determine how much you wear. One is to jack up and turn the wheel, and the other is to move the wheel left and right while lifting.

In the method of turning the wheel, check the resistance and noise of the hub bearing when the wheel is turning. When it runs out and its performance degrades, you will hear abnormal noise and feel less resistance when turning.

If the wheel hub bearing is loose in the case of moving the wheel from left to right, the wheel will move back and forth when shaking. When this happens, it's time to completely replace it. If you drive as is, the suspension may fall off and the wheels may fall off during driving.

Each owner may have their own exchange criteria. As it is used for commuting and business, the daily driving distance is long, and the hub bearing can be replaced during each vehicle inspection.

You may feel strange noises while driving

When the wheel bearing is worn to a certain extent, you will hear abnormal sound. It sounded as if it was creaking. I like listening, especially when the steering wheel is curved.

Type of hub bearing

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