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Do agricultural machinery bearings have these advantages?

seo:   date:2023/2/1 9:04:00

Compared with other types, agricultural machinery bearings are easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy due to their simple structure. Therefore, they are convenient for mass production and low manufacturing cost. In addition to the basic type, agricultural machinery bearings also have various modified structures, such as: agricultural machinery bearings with dust covers, agricultural machinery bearings with rubber sealing rings, agricultural machinery bearings with stop grooves, bearing capacity of ball grooves of agricultural machinery bearings with stop grooves, and double-row agricultural machinery bearings.

Application and classification of agricultural machinery bearings

The inner ring and outer ring raceways of agricultural machinery bearings are arc-shaped deep grooves, the channel radius is slightly larger than the ball radius, the range of use is very wide, the design is simple, and they are inseparable bearings, suitable for high speed, high durability, and almost no maintenance. Let's talk about the use of agricultural machinery bearings according to the classification:

1. Bearing of single-row agricultural machinery

Widely used, non-separable type, suitable for high speed, adding grease without maintenance, can bear radial load and axial load, usually used for motors, reducers, electric tools, air conditioners, etc.

2. Agricultural machinery bearing with ball clearance

The agricultural machinery bearing with ball clearance has a ball clearance on the inner and outer rings, which can accommodate more and larger balls than the standard product, and has a higher radial load capacity, but the axial load is small, and the bearing speed is lower than the standard agricultural machinery bearing, which is mainly used in automobile gearbox and heavy low-speed rotating applications.

3. Stainless steel agricultural machinery bearing

This material is not stainless steel, it can resist corrosion caused by water and other media, and is mainly used in anti-corrosion environment, food industry, etc.

4. Bearing of double-row agricultural machinery

The design is very similar to the single-line product structure, only one more line. In addition to radial load, it can also bear two-way axial load. The purpose is to use single-row agricultural machinery bearings, which are not enough to bear the load.

5. High temperature products

Generally, the clearance is large, which is 4 times of C5 clearance.

Do agricultural machinery bearings have these advantages?