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Why the Automobile Hub Bearing Is Heated

seo:   date:2022/12/29 8:43:00

Bearing heating reason:

1) Cause: low bearing accuracy

Method: Select bearings with specified accuracy class.

(2) Cause: The spindle is bent or the box hole is not concentric

Method: Repair the spindle or box.

(3) Cause: The belt is too tight

Method: Adjust the belt to ensure proper tightness.

(4) Cause: poor lubrication

Method: Select lubricating materials of specified brand and clean them properly.

(5) Cause: low assembly quality

Methods: Improve the assembly quality.

(6) Cause: inner bearing housing race

Method: Replace the bearing and related worn parts.

(7) Too large axial force

Method: Clean and adjust the clearance of the sealing ring between 0.2 mm and 0.3 mm, correct the diameter of the impeller balance hole and verify the static balance value.

(8) Bearing damage

Method: Replace the bearing.

We believe that we all know the cause of the heating of the wheel hub bearing. When our car is abnormal, we should check it in time, especially pay more attention to the wheel hub bearing, so as to avoid bigger things.

Why the Automobile Hub Bearing Is Heated