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How to maintain automobile bearings?

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Operation and maintenance methods of automobile bearings:

1. The vehicle shall work within the rated load range. If it is overloaded seriously, it will directly lead to bearing overload, which will lead to early failure of the bearing, and more seriously, it will lead to vehicle failure and personal safety accidents;

2. It is prohibited to bear abnormal impact load;

3. Regularly check the service condition of the bearing, and pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise and local sharp temperature rise at the bearing;

4. Fill lubricating oil or grease regularly and quantitatively as required;

5. According to the service condition of the vehicle, * completely replace the lubricating oil every six months and carefully check the bearings;

6. Inspection under bearing maintenance: clean the disassembled bearing with kerosene or gasoline, carefully observe whether there is sliding or creeping on the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of the bearing, whether there is peeling and pitting on the inner and outer raceways of the bearing, whether the rolling element and cage are worn and deformed, etc., and judge whether the bearing can continue to be used according to the comprehensive conditions of the bearing inspection.

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How to maintain automobile bearings?

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