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How to select the type of agricultural machinery bearing?

seo:   date:2022/12/10 12:12:00

Agricultural machinery bearings must be able to work in extremely harsh environments to adapt to harsh environments of various environments, including humid, corrosive, and polluted environments, to meet the durability of long life and heavy load working conditions, to meet the harsh challenges of farmers, to reduce maintenance costs, and to maximize production.

There are two main aspects in the selection of bearings: one is to select the type of bearings. The load size, direction and whether there is impact shall be considered roughly? Speed, center adjustment requirements, allowable space and other factors. The second is to select the precision of the bearing. Mechanical type and mechanical accuracy requirements shall be generally considered. There are many types of agricultural machinery, the common situation is poor working conditions, especially in the field, so the selection of bearing type is very important, which directly affects the reliability index of operating machinery. In terms of precision, it is not necessary to be as demanding as precision machinery, which is determined by the nature of agricultural machinery.

In agricultural production, as long as there are rolling bearings, there will be sealing devices. A good seal has two functions: one is to ensure the quality of the grease in the bearing, the other is to prevent pollutants and moisture from seeping into the bearing. High efficiency seals can improve the service life of bearings and agricultural machinery.

How to select the type of agricultural machinery bearing?